Stewardship of a Value Investor

CPGT: The Case of Maximum Pessimism

As a value investor, you get bored most of the time due to inactivity. We get used to it. However, there are times when opportunities pop by and moment of epiphany strikes. You know that if you fail to follow through this opportunity, somehow all the books that you have been reading are wasted. It is like taking a first dive when you finished reading “Swimming for Dummies”. CPGT in June 2014 was a perfect example of this.

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HRUM: Running Out of Time and Rock

I posted this in the mailing list in May 2013. Almost a year passed since then.


My thought on HRUM.
Sekadar pemikiran saya dari sisi investor long term.

Saya dulu berpikir bahwa HRUM adalah value-buy, tapi setelah mengecek lebih dalam awal tahun ini, berikut ringkasan pemikiran saya:

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ValuReport: LION

LION (Lion Metal Works)


Jangka Waktu: 1-2 Tahun
Harga terakhir (10/12/12): Rp.10,400
Target Price: Rp.15,000
Strategy: Value

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Indonesian Coal Era is Over

Berhati-hatilah dengan saham resources!

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